LED Light Chrome Fidget Tri-Spinner - Gold

LED Light Chrome Fidget Tri-Spinner - Gold

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Become a part of the new and addictive fun frenzy and spin off the boredom with our incredible Premium Quality LED Light Chrome Fidget Spinners. These are exceptionally designed with special attention towards being the perfect concentration companion for relieving stress and anxiety, especially for people with Autism and ADHD.

What makes this fidget spinner so cool is the special LED light feature which radiates all around it. The LED’s are specially installed using a laser industrial molding technology to give it an extra edge and maintain its uniqueness. This LED light fidget spinner ticks the right boxes in control with an outstanding ultra-compact design which lets you easily use your own spinning technique for increased efficiency in showing off some of your cool moves. This device features a concentrated ball bearing which slots perfectly into its delicate design and offers you increased durability levels. If you are looking for something to help you pass time and dump some excess energy with a bit of fun, then this Premium Quality LED Light Chrome Fidget Spinner is the perfect option for you.

How To Use:

It’s very easy to use. There are various ways of playing with it; just by holding the spinner in one hand, you flick it with the other hand to spin the device. With continuous practice; you’ll become very proficient at creating long lasting spins with just one flick.




Size: 7cmx7cm (approx)


LED lights glow in Blue, Green and Red

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